The Maps

"... drawn to Earth by all its textures and scatterings of light"
Luxurious map prints on fine art paper

Swirls of Earth started as a passion project during the 2020 pandemic. The 3D rendered maps are created using the latest techniques in terrain modeling and giclée printing.

To design the maps in the Terrain Series I begin with elevation data collected by satellites of various space agencies.  Each map is carefully modeled in three dimensions using a special process to enhance detail and legibility.

Precise lighting effects cast realistic shadows across each landscape, which are exaggerated to reveal the dramatic forms unique to each map.  This process of detailed 3D modeling enables me to produce prints that appear to extrude out of the page.



Printing Process

Each map is prepared to order.  Maps are printed on a Giclée printer with water-based inks on museum-grade fine art paper.

Fine Art Premium Paper

  • Premium Quality Heavyweight Paper, 200 gsm
  • Museum-grade
  • Contains No Plastic
  • FSC Approved or Sustainably Sourced
  • Smooth Matte Finish 


Swirls of Earth Story

"every map is a treasure map"

I have always been fascinated by the possibilities that live within a map.  Along every ridge and valley lies a possible adventure to come.  A map is a trusted guide and later, a friendly remembrance of where we've been.

Most of us take maps for granted, but they have a storied tradition that is still evolving today.  The great cartographers of the past combined intimate technical know-how with artistic precision to create works that were pleasing to the eye, immediately informative, and told readers the story of the landscape.

Advances in computing have sparked a new age in mapmaking.  There is an abundance of geographic data, and computing power now allows us to model the Earth with ever-increasing detail and accuracy.

My hope for Swirls of Earth is to create maps that people will take pride in, will awaken new adventures, and will evoke sensations of our most intimate connection  the bond between us and the Earth.

Jeff Haack, Swirls of Earth Founder