You don't have a map of my country or region!  Why not?

We aim to make our Terrain Series available for every country or region in the world.  However, there are two reasons your place of interest might not be available.

First is that we haven't gotten to it yet!  Sit tight, it will be available soon.  Second is that some regions are just too small to create terrain maps that meet our design standards.  These places may be unavailable until more detailed elevation data is available to the public.

In either case, if your region of interest is not covered, write us and let us know!


Can you create a print for a custom region?

Yes, provided that the region covers a large enough area.  There is a $200 design fee for designing a custom region, in addition to the cost of the print.  Write us with a brief description of the area you have in mind and we will work with you to design a map to your specifications.


Can you frame my print?

We don't offer framing services yet, but plan to do so in the future.


Are your prints 3D?

Our maps are designed using 3D software to create a realistic model of the landscape that appears to be extruding from the page.  They are printed in two dimensions on fine art paper.