Create a Beautiful Map in Five Minutes

March 02 2022 – Jeff

Create a Beautiful Map in Five Minutes

Create a Beautiful Map in Five Minutes

Lately I’ve made some major changes to Swirls of Earth, and the maps are better than ever.

You can now create a map yourself, choosing from a variety of colorful styles, writing your own title, and selecting from a variety of beautiful box frames.

Custom Map of Ireland

The Map Designer is a new, easy-to-use interface created so you can customize your wall map exactly the way you want.

There are hundreds of places to choose from, including every country, U.S. State, and Canadian province.

Select the classic photographic style, or from a variety of colorful hypsometric palettes, which further accentuate the landscape with varying hues at different elevations.

To make it more personal, you can also edit the title of the map.  Remember a special trip, title it in your own language, or say what the map means to you.

République française
Sweet Home Alabama
Honeymoon in Jamaica


And last but not least, I now offer framed prints.  The frames are deep box frames with thick matting, which add an additional sense of dimensionality to the maps.

Happy mapmaking!


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