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Map Journal

  • Clockwork Lisboa: City of Color

    Clockwork Lisboa: City of Color

    April 03 2022

    I felt as though I were in a clockwork.  Not a clockwork like a German train connection, but rather like one devised in the back room of an old toy repair shop, a mad mustachioed man assembling gears whose purpose was only discernible to him

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  • The Language of Maps

    The Language of Maps

    March 25 2022

    Maps that have the aim of expressing something artistic or profound might be made to break a convention or two, presenting the user with a new way of viewing the world.

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  • You and Me, We are Art

    You and Me, We are Art

    March 16 2022

    The paint was layered in thick globs, spread and cut with a knife so that it extended out of the canvas in luxurious textures.  The paintings were alive; the paintings had dimension; the paintings evoked something I could not explain.  Later I would learn that this style of painting is called impasto.

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